What Can You Buy With Bitcoins?

What can you buy with Bitcoins? This is a very important question which we aim to answer clearly to make it easy for you to understand and appreciate the power of bitcoin and be part of its evolution.

An increasing number of merchants and even e-commerce retail giants have either started to accept bitcoins in exchange for goods and services or have expressed their willingness to do so in the near future. Are we witnessing the dawn of the cryptocurrency age unravel in slow motion?

For those wanting to leverage the buying power of their Bitcoins there are now aggregator sites which allow consumers to peruse listings of retailers who accept Bitcoin as payment. Sites such as CoinMap.org even allow consumers to find stores in their own geographical area.

Retail Options

In South Africa both Takealot.com and bidorbuy.co.za accept Bitcoins as payment (and more options are appearing all the time), however on the international stage there are even more options.

Global software giant Microsoft was one of the first international companies to add Bitcoin as one of the payment options. The company added Bitcoin as an option for online content as far back as 2014. Consumers use Bitcoin to add currency to their accounts and can then use that to purchase software from various online real estate such as games for phones, Xbox and videos and other content for the Windows platform.

Targeting high end gamers Dell announced a partnership with Coinbase which allows customers to purchase its Alienware laptops – and those buying with Bitcoin will enjoy a 10% discount.

As far back as 2014 Overstock, one of America’s largest online retailers began to accept Bitcoin (it ships to South Africa). This is a company that offers almost everything under the sun from fashion items to household goods. Although you’ll be presented with dollar prices you can straight up pay with Bitcoin on the checkout page. The company now accepts Bitcoin purchases from over 100 countries.

The largest European company to currently accept Bitcoin payments is showroomprive.com. The retailer which supplies clothing, fashion items and homeware teamed up with Paymium to offer the service. Its outlets in the Netherlands and France currently accept the cryptocurrency but more countries are sure to soon follow. Consumers will soon be able to use its mobile application to pay with Bitcoin.

Another U.S. based online retailer – Bitcoinshop.us offers a wide range of electronic and homeware products, as well as personal fashion items. However – only those in the United States will be able to take advantage of the Bitcoin friendly payment system as it only ships to the continental U.S.

AirBaltic, an airline based in Latvia was the first in that industry to accept payment for some of its routes in Bitcoin. The transactions will not attract a fee. Another airline in Europe, Air Lituanica joined Air Baltic in accepting Bitcoin soon after the first airline did so.

The trend for airlines and the hospitality industry to leverage the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency seems to be gathering pace. CheapAir.com which provides booking services for hotels, airlines and Amtrak in the United States announced recently that it has fulfilled more than $1.5m in sales based on Bitcoin.

BTCTrip is another online airline trip and hospitality booking service that provides services to those holding Bitcoin – however it also accepts payments in two other popular cryptocurrencies – dogecoin and litecoin.

The UK’s ‘Theatre Tickets Direct’ has also recently started accepting Bitcoin payments for West End theatre bookings.

Staying in the UK and possibly with the idea of entertainment firmly in mind a company called Honest Brew which offers craft beers from its own brewery and other suppliers now accepts payment in Bitcoin. Customers can choose between brands such as Weird Beard, BrewDog and Pressure Drop.

For those in search of a bespoke coffee fix a company called The Java Nomad will arrange shipment of world class coffee beans from Bali – and you are welcome to pay in Bitcoin.

There are also hundreds of smaller, niche market companies that are increasingly turning to Bitcoin as a payment method. In fact, some of them are now only accepting payment in Bitcoin. Sites such as UseBitcoins.info maintain databases of these shopping opportunities.

Using Bitcoin To Get Discounts

Amazon is the premier online store in the world – there can be very little argument about that. A marketplace named Purse.io brings together those who want to buy Bitcoin with consumers who want Amazon products. The service can provide discounts of up to 20%. One of the more innovative services out there.

Bitcoin Based Gift Cards

There are a large number of gift card services that allow consumers to buy gift cards with crypto currencies like Bitcoin. These cards can then be used for purchases on sites such as Amazon, Target and Nike. In the U.S. companies like Gyft, iTradeBTC and GiftCardZen offer almost unlimited choice when it comes to cards.

Gift Off in the United Kingdom allows customers to use 15 different cryptocurrencies to buy gift cards for 177 retailers, such as Amazon, Marks & Spencer, Ryan Air, and American Apparel. The service is scheduled to hit the wider EU market in the near future. More countries and retailers will follow soon.

Although many gift cards are only valid in their country of issue, which is usually the USA (and although foreign shoppers can still make purchases with gift cards from USA retailers), other countries may have their own options.

Brick & Mortar Stores That Accept Bitcoin

In America REEDS Jewellers, a large jewelry chain will accept Bitcoin. The company is located in Wilmington, North Carolina, and has 64 outlets in the eastern US, as well as an online shop.

CeX, a technology exchange and retailer located in the United Kingdom, launched a one-store bitcoin-only payments system in Glasgow in May 2017 – as well as Scotland’s first Bitcoin ATM. It has now rolled out ongoing bitcoin acceptance to 30 stores across the UK.

And it’s not only consumer goods that are now within reach of those who hold Bitcoins. A private hospital in Poland has plans to allow patients to pay their bills in Bitcoin. The medical facility has led the way by offering a full range of healthcare services, including major surgery that can be paid for with cryptocurrency.

Leisure & Property

One of the most powerful aspects of owning and trading / buying using Bitcoin is the fact that it is essentially borderless. The distributed network of computers means that trades are almost instantaneous – and every person who owns Bitcoins wants to take advantage of this when they travel. No more currency exchange, no more waits for international transfers – just pure access to funds, without the associated fees that major financial institutions levy.

And this dream is fast becoming a reality with companies like Expedia now accepting Bitcoin for the booking of hotels. This isn’t only for booking though – and this is revolutionary. Expedia has done deals with hotels all over the world that will allow guests to settle their bills with Bitcoin on checkout. There are also well advanced plans to allow Expedia clients to pay for flights with Bitcoin as well – meaning that a true end-to-end travel experience based on Bitcoin payments is now swiftly becoming a reality.

And this revolution is spreading across the world. Spanish hotel chain One Shot Hotels has been taking Bitcoin payments since 2014. At least for two locations in Madrid (one with its own Bitcoin ATM). And it plans to allow the same sort of payments at its other locations across Spain (and London).

Property transactions using Bitcoin are also gaining momentum. In the United Kingdom property group Cai-Capital is offering international clients the opportunity to pay for both property purchase and rental in a variety of cryptocurrencies.

Food & Drink

Although there are not a huge number of bars and restaurants that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies – that number is growing, in Europe especially – with the Netherlands and Germany leading the way. A simple Internet search for bars and restaurants that accept Bitcoin will show that you will not go hungry (or thirsty) in the major tourist destinations across the globe if you have access to your Bitcoin stash.

Foodler is an innovative site that allows you to by their credits with Bitcoins and then order meals from establishments that offer takeout. They have an enormous database of 13,000 restaurants in 3,150 cities.

Payment Options

PayPal now has partnerships with three big hitters in the Bitcoin payment sphere – BitPay, Coinbase and GoCoin. Now online merchants are able to accept bitcoin via all three companies through the PayPal Payments Hub.

Shopify has also added a bitcoin payment option for its retailers. With 70,000 online stores, the world has now opened up for those wanting to use Bitcoin for their online transactions.

Having Online Fun

Although it is not the intention of this site to promote activities that can be at best slightly risky and at worse highly damaging to your financial stability it must be noted that there are numerous gambling sites that accept Bitcoin.

In addition, for those looking for companionship OKCupid.com also accepts Bitcoin as a payment option and there are many other sites of the same type that will look to accept Bitcoin in the future.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are now becoming so widespread that they seem almost immune to interference by governments and traditional financial institutions. The number of retailers both online and in the bricks and mortar world who are seeing the benefits to accepting virtual currencies continues to grow. And the value of these currencies continues to grow along with that interest. Those wishing to invest in cryptocurrencies may see stellar value growth in the next decade.

However this is after all a currency – and for many people the use of the coins in their day to day lives is as valuable as having a stash of coins as an investment vehicle. This option is becoming more and more feasible every month.

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